IBC Subsidiaries


MPI SA was established in 1994 and became part of the IBC Insurance Broking and Consulting group in 2011.

Since 2010 and to support the introduction of company health management systems, IBC creates tailored IT solutions compatible with your company’s IT infrastructure, which will enable you to manage long or short term absences internally, whether sickness or accident – related.

It provides secure internet access and web services, among other functions, using open, next-generation development technology.

Our solutions :

  • Comprehensive absence management software
  • A fully digital solution for your sickness and accident claims (reporting a claim, electronic transfer, insurance claims adjustment and settlement process)
  • Management and monitoring of medical certificates
  • Digitisation of all documents needed to monitor absences, including archiving
  • Dynamic and highly efficient analysis reports to facilitate decision – making
  • Optimal integration of our solution within your IT environment and various management applications (payroll software, absences, accounting, health and disability insurers, etc.)
  • Coordination of benefits between the various public and private insurers (disability insurers, maternity leave benefits, schemes under the LPP law on occupational pensions, employers’ accident insurance under the LAA, loss of earnings payments, top – up insurance, etc.)
  • Regular upgrades of our solutions to reflect new technical and regulatory requirements

For more Information : berger@ibc-broker.com