IBC News FOROM 2019!

“Your performance depends on your health and your commitment. Competitive athletes prepare themselves intelligently. How are you getting yourself prepared?” Dr. Boris Gojanovic Dr. Boris Gojanovic is an accomplished athlete and as a former professional basketball player, has worn the colors of the national team. These experiences and the joy of training have led him to participate in numerous Ironman marathons and triathlons. Health & Performance Medical Doctor at the Swiss Olympic Medical Center and sport physician at la Tour, he accompanies athletes in their pursuit of performance, as well as non-athletic people who wish to take the path to a healthier and active way of life. As a teacher and lecturer, he is also involved in many pre-, post-graduate and professional development programs, ranging from topics of an inactive lifestyle to high-level sport medicine. Regularly solicited in national media, he is also very present on social media, to share his knowledge and engage in discussions with various actors of health and sport. https://blogs.letemps.ch/boris-gojanovic/ http://www.drsportsante.com/wordpress/ During the workshop "Health and Performance - Competitive Sport as Model for today’s Companies" participants will discover, how they can benefit from the principles applied at the highest level sports. You will also have the opportunity to meet Dr. Gojanovic personally at our IBC booth. He will explain how mindset and professional health management positively influence a productive working atmosphere. With the application of the right modules, you will be able to correctly evaluate stress, your physical activity and even your sleep. Come and see us on the 29th August and discuss with us the pillars of your health and performance! To register for our workshop :  communication@ibc-broker.com