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Alumni Association HEC Lausanne

The Alumni Association of the Faculty of HEC Lausanne, created in 1975, brings together more than 14,000 graduates.

Its main mission is to preserve the link between Alumni and the faculty of HEC of the University of Lausanne, spreading its influence throughout conferences and events in Switzerland and around the world.

In our partnership with the Alumni Association we want to create a beneficial collaboration, adding value to its members in terms of enduring risk management solutions and optimization of insurance cover.

Contact at IBC:

Primus Berger, Project Lead Geneva

Eric Henchoz, Project Lead Lausanne

Swiss Cyber Security Days – a unique event in Switzerland

The Swiss Cyber Security Days are the first Swiss platform to bring consultants, system integrators, publishers and solution manufacturers together in one place.

During keynotes, seminars, workshop and information booths, these highly specialized professionals will share their knowledge, and give advice, on current cyber security topics. In addition, the event will be a plaform for exchange and networking.

The expected audience:

  • Cybersecurity and IT professionals
  • Internal specialists working for major corporations, SMEs and public bodies
  • Managers, executives and unskilled employees
  • Political decision-makers

Our goal is to offer a high-quality range of seminars which are tailored to visitors’ needs and expectations. The Swiss Cyber Security Days will provide an opportunity to learn, network and find suitable solutions to current cyber security problems.

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What measures do you employ to protect your company? – Swiss Cyner Security Days 2019. Video

FOROM – Forum Économique Romand

FOROM – Forum Économique Romand is an annual one-day event that takes place in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, with a cast of established speakers, changing every year.

Continuing to constantly grow in size and importance ever since 2006, it is now a highly important event in the calendar of business men in Western Switzerland.

Open to entrepreneurs, senior managers and business leaders from all sectors of economy, it is a forum for participants to share experiences and listen to speakers on a wide range of subjects according to their respective activities. In addition the FOROM also provides an extensive platform for networking.

FOROM in figures:


Business leaders attend each year


Represent a small or medium-sized entreprise


Media organisations cover the event




People follow Forom via the website or YouTube


Visits to the website each year

The 15th edition will take place on 24 September 2020 at the Swiss Tech Convention Center in Lausanne, focusing on the topic of « SME’s of the future ».

Find out more on forom.ch

Highlights FOROM 2019!