IBC Enterprise Risk Consulting

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Using detailed analysis, we help you anticipate risks and take preventative action, and we will provide assistance if an incident occurs.

Risk Management

Risk management entails assessing a company's risks and developing risk control strategies accordingly. These strategies range from transferring risks to avoiding them by mitigating the causes or harmful effects and accepting a degree of risk.

Our services

An analytical overview of your risks
  • An overall risk assessment (insurable and non-insurable risks)
  • Identification of the most significant risks
  • Involvement of the company's management
  • Definition of specific measures
  • Incident prevention
Analysis of specific risks
  • Cyber risks
  • Equipment breakdown, civil liability, business interruption
  • Organisational and contractual measures
Advice on establishing a risk control and monitoring system and procedures
  • A risk system designed to suit the company structure
  • Monitoring and reporting dashboard
  • Risk control parameters and indicators
  • A continuous improvement system

IBC has developed an enterprise risk management ERM-program to help companies monitor their risks and control measures on an ongoing basis. This easy-to-use multilingual tool is designed to be a perfect fit for the needs of your business.

Our specialist

Haris Stucki
Head of Risk Management

Business Continuity Management

The occurrence of a major incident can make it difficult, if not impossible, for your business to function, and can endanger your company's future.

It is therefore vital that you understand the nature of the risks that could cause such an incident and take action to mitigate them.

The main aims of business continuity management are:

  • ensuring that some aspects of the business can continue to function
  • limiting the direct and indirect costs of an incident
  • returning to normal activity as soon as possible
  • ensuring that the vital functions of the business are never interrupted
  • organising efficient internal and external communications
  • coordinating the actions of all departments and participants

Our services

  • identification and analysis of business interruption scenarios
  • formulation of plans and measures
  • experience sharing from other companies
  • definition of a « Business Continuity Plan »

Our specialist

Haris Stucki
Head of Risk Management

Cyber Risks

Our daily experience shows that firms are often unprepared for cyber attacks, as they (wrongly) believe that the security measures they have taken will protect them.

Now that the methods used by cyber attackers have changed, all your staff need to be alert and not just the IT department.

This is why IBC has developed a global concept combining the prevention and transfer of risks:


In our experience, a risk analysis of every aspect of your business is needed to highlight the major risks you face.

Once this essential step in the development of your company's risk management strategy has been completed, we can conduct a security analysis for you, using a specialised firm. IBC has selected a number of service providers who can analyse, test and improve your IT processes.

Following the security analysis, we strongly recommend that you put in place a buisness continuity plan.

IBC offers you the best insurance solutions currently available to cover risks such as:

  • Denial of service attacks
  • Fraud, identity theft, blackmail and threats
  • Reputational damage
  • Defence/negotiation expenses
  • System restoration costs
  • Loss of income

Our specialist

Eric Henchoz
Directeur IBC Lausanne - Managing Partner